The Revenge of the Elves

Tasked by the Elders


The party looked at the fire and discovered it was burning steadily and brightly, but putting off an even heat throughout the Centaur Village. They talked to various folks, until the received an audience with the Centaur Elders, led by Eliza.

Eliza set them on the task of stopping the slave trade in the area led by The Mistress. She also taught him a spell to travel back to the village, wherever it may roam.

To get ready for this task, our Wizard found the spell Flash Travel and Levitate to facilitate travel. He learned Flash Travel, but the part felt uneasy about staying in the Village any longer for some reason and decided to do.

From here, the flash traveled as far as they could go towards Inntarna, and set up camp for the night to learn Levitate.


ChrisColbath ChrisColbath

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