The Revenge of the Elves

To Liberate a Thief
Dobby is freeeeee!

[Session notes]
Josie has joined us for this game. She is making a dwarf.
Tech level in the world has increased from 3 to 4 due to the loss of magic. Less chemical, more magepunk. Also, during the day without magic, the Elves, who were suppressed by humans, took the opportunity to take over the human establishments in the world.

[rewards / loot]
3 daggers ,3 shortsword.
Melohn Lord (Josie’s) took crossbow, 10 bolts
20 gold
500 exp each
300 exp bonus to Marty

[Game notes]
The original plan was to sell Devlin into slavery, and follow him through their infrastructure to find out where the important points for the slavery guild are, such as distribution nodes, records keeping, and customers.

Having delivered Devlin to the warehouse, we now know where their ‘front office’ is. We also know that The Mistress is a major part of the Slavers’ guild, possibly the leader. There are some records here as well. Also, we have discovered that there is an arrangement with the Bounty Hunters guild for escaped prisoners/slaves as well as other folks of interest to the Slavers’ Guild.

After selling Devlin into slavery, we cross the street and watch the delivery door for vehicles leaving which contain Devlin. Twix leaves to buy cheese. Devlin, not knowing whether his next stop is directly to the Mistress, chooses to escape. The scuffle draws Armstrong’s attention, so he runs to the warehouse, followed by the Dwarf.

Devlin escapes with the assistance of Armstrong and Melohn Lord (Josie). Twix arrived with the cheese. They looted the room and retrieve Devlin’s gear.

Then, they hung the guards from the ceiling and mangled the bodies to deliver the message (charged by the Centaur Elder).

After the adventure, we can consider the mission completed. We also have a hook into the Bounty Hunters guild (as long as they don’t see Devlin). We can go back to the Centaur Elder. Still need to determine who we are. We also should find ways to subvert the Slaver’s Guild.

Tasked by the Elders


The party looked at the fire and discovered it was burning steadily and brightly, but putting off an even heat throughout the Centaur Village. They talked to various folks, until the received an audience with the Centaur Elders, led by Eliza.

Eliza set them on the task of stopping the slave trade in the area led by The Mistress. She also taught him a spell to travel back to the village, wherever it may roam.

To get ready for this task, our Wizard found the spell Flash Travel and Levitate to facilitate travel. He learned Flash Travel, but the part felt uneasy about staying in the Village any longer for some reason and decided to do.

From here, the flash traveled as far as they could go towards Inntarna, and set up camp for the night to learn Levitate.

Escape from Black Crag Mountains


The party got out of the caves and their imprisonment, meeting again with their Warrior by the river. They took her in, equipped her with some new gear, and headed down the river towards a town in the distance. After the better part of the day, they managed to reach Carka, the Jaws of the river. They were on their way to the Silent Tower in the distance, and from there planned to turn west to Inncarna.

As they were porting the boat around this rough part of the river, they noticed a group of horsemen in the distance. they hastily began to move the boat toward the water, in hopes of getting into the river before they reached them. As they were putting the boat into the water, the horsemen reached them. As the party turned to face the pursuers, it was apparent they were not horsemen, but horse-men! A Centaur Patrol had happened upon them.

After a short converstation, the group was invited to the Centaur Village to visit the market and trade with them. They party agreed and off they went.

At the market, they sold all of the loot from the bandit cave and bought some simple armor and weapons. The Wizard picked up a robe and the rogue picked up a bow and some magic arrows. The Warrior procured a great axe, some chainmail and a large tent. It was thought she might want a bow as well, but did not buy one. Curious.

The party learned about The Mistress from the bandits that were also shopping at the Centaur Market. They also planned to investigate the large fire in the center of the market and from there, set out to discover who they are and why they were imprisoned.


Purchased items

Wizard’s Robes (Magically fit the user, more)

Magical Arrows (better shot)


Unknown Basis of Chirurgery, by Colval the Most Legendary Warlock
Blood Sacrifice
Blood Wound
Death Magic
Death Syphon
Group Heal

Finding the Nature of the Elements, by Theomemnon, Alchemist of the Lost Fortress
Flaming Weapons
Frost Weapons
Weather Warning
Wind Warning
Elemental Mastery

Rediscovered Research on Rune Magic, by Mor the Magus
Glyph of Preservation
Dispel Magic
Glyph of Sealing
Glyph of Warding
Arcane Shield
Force Field
Aura of Might
Mana Cleanse
Repulsion Field


Arrows will do one of two things:

  • Arrow will hit any target as though the target defense was 10.
  • Arrow will pierce armour (1/2 armour)

After being fired, roll Dex vs. Target 17. If failed, arrow breaks. Otherwise it can be recovered.

Small Boxes

Box #1

Master-crafted pair of steel spiked gauntlets (+1 Armour, grants Brawling Focus) 105 gp
Ring 35gp,
Chrysoberyl 52gp,
Smoky quartz 39gp,
Deep green spinel 59gp,
Deep green spinel 52gp,
Deep green spinel 61gp,
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 9gp,
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 3gp,
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 1gp,
Malachite 2gp

Box #2

Masterwork Blowgun, 10 darts : 302gp
Tourmaline 56gp,
Pink pearl 65gp,
Rock crystal (clear quartz) 12gp,
Tourmaline 83gp,
Coral 64gp,
Earrings 18gp,
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 3gp,
Hematite 4gp,
Obsidian 5gp,
Agate 1gp,
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 1gp,
Freshwater (irregular) pearl 1gp

Session 2
Kraken in the water!

Andanna is now sick with the Disease from the green ore. The Party is headed to the Air Temple to see if they can find the source of the sickness. They have stopped for the night on day two of a three day journey to the City below the mountain. From there they will head up into the mountains to The Thousand Stairs that lead to the temple.

15 Supply
2 Magical Supply

The Disease of Jonin

What we know about the disease:

It is magical and mundane in nature.
It has only been contracted by those that are in the merchant guild that have been in contact with the ore.
It is not easily contracted.
It has not affected any of the leaders of the merchant guild.
It has been tracked down to the mine in the mountain of Idar.
It effects folks that cast spells (or spell-like powers) or use magical items that cast spells.
Healing potions will heal the damage from using magic!


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