Big Ass Monsters

In an upcoming game I’m going to run for my group they are going to be facing some big ass monsters (BAMs). Now this monster is going to be heavily armored and huge and the players can’t just walk up to it and hit it with their sword. The armor on this creature is too thick for swords to pierce or spell to break through and the players are going to have to get creative to hurt this monstrosity. In other words a normal Hack n Slash, Volley, and Cast a Spell don’t work. The players need to think of something more creative. Here are some of the moves I wrote up for fights with BAMs.

Seek a Weak Point
When you try to find someway of hurting an unstoppable behemoth roll WIS or +INT. On a hit you find one. On a 10 choose 1. On a 7-9 choose 2.

  • The weak point is armored (1-3 armor)
  • The weak point can only be exploited once
  • The weak point is hard to get to
  • On a miss you still find a weak point but something horrible will happen when you try to exploit it. The GM will hint at what.

Use Siege Weapons
When using catapults, ballista, or some other large siege weapon to stop a giant monster roll with no modifiers. (Since siege weapons do all the work and are meant to be manned by multiple people, ideally the best way to use them is to use teamwork and Aid Another.) On a hit roll 1d8 damage. On a 10+ choose 2. On a 7-9 choose 1.

  • The attack bolsters the morale of your party. Everyone gains +1 forward.
  • The attack hits like a lightning bolt, fast and hard. Roll an extra +1d4 damage.
  • The monster is severely hampered by the attack and loses one of its monster moves
  • The monster is injured and unable to use one of its forms of movement (flight, teleportation, walking, etc)
  • On a miss, something goes wrong with the siege weapon. Ammo runs out, mechanisms are damaged, the creature retaliates and breaks it. The GM will tell you what terrible fate has befallen the siege weapon and made it temporarily unusable. It’s up the to GM if you can fix it during the remainder of the fight.

I’m not going to copy the move from the Wizard playbook, but this would be a very appropriate one to use against some sort of demi-god level monster coming to squish a town.

Climbing on a Monster
When you try to climb up a moving monster say where you are trying to get to and roll STR or +DEX. On a hit you make it to where you wanted. On a 10 pick 1. On a 7-9 you pick 1 and the GM picks 1. On a miss you get all 3.

  • You only make it part of the way there
  • You lose something on the way (GM will tell you what)
  • You draw unwanted attention

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Big Ass Monsters

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