Keep Watch In Dangerous Territory

When you settle in for the night, roll + THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE TAKING WATCH. On a 10+ choose 1. On a 7-9 you choose 1 then the GM chooses 1. Anyone who doesn’t take a turn watching the camp heals half their total HP.

  • Something got into the camp and stole something
  • Enemies kept you on edge all night and you hardly slept, only heal up to half (round up) your max HP, if you are already above half HP then you don’t heal (so if you have a max HP of 10 and are at 4 HP, you’d only heal to 5 HP)
  • Morale is low due to frayed nerves, take -1 ongoing until you make camp somewhere safe

I realize that the 10+ option still sucks but this is intended. I’m pulling a little bit from Torchbearer to get more of a feel for, “You don’t so much succeed, you survive.” In lieu of rolling Keeping Watch you could instead roll on the random events table below and let the players deal with that.

2d6 Random Camping Events
2-Mimic! Turns out one of your sleeping bags was replaced with a mimic. (On a personal note, the look of shock and horror from the PCs face was priceless)

3-Bandits! A pack of bandits have happened upon your camp. Your gold or your lives?

4-Bears! A pack of bears wandered upon your camp (how they got into the dungeon is beyond you). You realize that a bear cub is currently rummaging through your backpack and you are between the cub and its mom.

5-Wood! You are unable to find firewood or run out pretty quickly. You’ll need to find some way to light your camp or leave yourself open to the creatures of the night.

6-Moisture? Yeah that’s right, you got screwed by moisture. All of your rations are wet and ruined.

7-Stranger! A man dressed in rags walks into your camp. He looks starved and delirious.

8-Corpse! You find a body near the camp. It has some coin and potions on it, but what are those strange marks on its neck and arms?

9-Adventurers! Another group of adventurers have happened upon your camp. They are just passing through but you recognize their emblem as “The Skullkickers” one of the most dangerous group of mercenaries in the land!

10-Peace. The night was quiet and your rest was peaceful. Everyone gains +1 forward.

11-Potion! You find a corked healing potion laying near the camp.

12-Boon! You found a magic item that must have been lost years ago. The GM will tell you what.

Hope you enjoy these. Let me know if you have any custom moves you use for making camp.

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Keep Watch In Dangerous Territory

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