Research Dungeon

When you seek out information on a dangerous place you have yet to explore, describe how you do it. If you research old tomes, dusty maps, and bits of lore, roll+INT. If you ask around for people who might know something, roll+CHA.

On a 10+, pick three from the list.

On a 7-9, pick one, and the GM holds +1 Twist.

  • You find part of a map; draw it out or otherwise present it to the group
  • You learn of a trap or similar hazard; describe it and hold +1 Preparation (see Bolster)
  • You learn of a dangerous denizen or group thereof in the area; describe and/or name them and hold +1 Preparation (see Bolster)
  • You learn of valuable treasure; describe it and where its kept
  • You learn something useful about the area’s history, layout, or politics; tell us what You gain something that will be particularly useful in there (a key, a password, etc.); tell us what you got
  • The GM doesn’t get 1 twist.

On a 6-, the GM holds +1 Twist and you pick one from the list above. Don’t describe it yet. Instead, ask the GM what it will cost you or what you must do to gain that benefit.

When the characters enter the dangerous area, the GM can spend 1 Twist to reveal that your information was slightly off, out of date, or incomplete.

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Research Dungeon

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